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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a general term used to describe a treatment or lack of treatment that violates good and accepted standards of medical care. To prevail in any medical malpractice case, the plaintiff (i.e., the patient/family) must prove three things: (1) negligence, (2) causation, and (3) injury. Stated differently, true medical malpractice exists where the act or omission of a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, therapist, or other provider causes significant and permanent harm, or results in a wrongful death. When deciding whether to pursue a claim for medical malpractice, it is critical that patients and their families understand the difference between medical malpractice from a theoretical point of view, and a meritorious lawsuit that should be pursued in civil court. Theoretically, every medical error could form the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, the fact that an error occurred does not mean that patient has a case or, more importantly, that the case should be tried before a judge or jury for resolution. For example, where there is a bad outcome without a meaningful error, where there is a medical error that does not cause harm, or where a medical error causes an injury that is minor or temporary, the costs associated with prosecution of a claim may outweigh any potential recovery. At the opposite end of the spectrum are meritorious claims that require skilled legal counsel and well-credentialed experts to prove how a medical misadventure caused harm, and to secure damages associated with a lifetime disability or loss of a loved one. How often does medical malpractice occur? Statistically, actionable medical malpractice is relatively uncommon given the quantity of medical services delivered throughout the country on a day-to-day basis. That being said, medical malpractice does occur and, depending upon the patient, the results can be catastrophic. In 1991, a Harvard Medical Malpractice Study titled "Incidence of Adverse Events and Negligence In Hospitalized Patients," was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study's authors reviewed more than 30,000 patient records from hospitals throughout New York State and found that "adverse events" occurred in 3.7% of hospitalizations and that 27.6% of the adverse events were due to medical negligence. Stated differently, of the 30,000 records reviewed, there were 1133 adverse events -- 280 of the adverse events were due to medical malpractice. In 2006, additional medical malpractice statistics were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in an article titled "Claims, Errors, and Compensation Payments in Medical Malpractice Litigation." The authors reviewed 1400 closed malpractice claims from five malpractice insurance companies and concluded that 80% of claims were for what the medical reviewers considered to be "significant physical injury," "major physical injury," or death. The reviewers also concluded that the majority of claims were for injuries or death judged to be the result of a medical error. In an effort to keep track of adverse events and improve patient safety, the Joint Commission On Hospital Accreditation (JCAHO) created the sentinel event database to collect reports from hospitals when a "patient safety event" results in death, permanent harm, or severe temporary and intervention required to sustain life. The last published review of the database revealed 2966 events, including: 370 wrong-site surgeries, 365 operative/post-operative complications, 326 medication errors, 221 deaths due to delayed treatment, 144 patient falls, 124 deaths of patients in restraints, 85 transfusion-related events, 57 infection-related events, 51 fires, and 49 anesthesia-related events. What are the most common types of medical malpractice? Common medical errors include the failure to timely diagnose and treat a stroke or heart attack, birth injuries, emergency room mistakes, improper diagnosis, cancer misdiagnosis, labor and delivery complications, retained foreign objects, surgical errors, prescription medication errors, negligent discharge, and misreading of diagnostic imaging (e.g., x-rays, MRI, CT). Across all medical fields, approximately 7% of all physicians have a claim brought against them each year. Statistically, the medical specialties with the most claims are neurosurgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, general surgery, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, urology, emergency medicine, orthopedic surgery, and internal medicine. While claims tend to involve some medical specialties more than others, medical malpractice can occur in any medical discipline or setting, including: anesthesiology bed sores birth injuries cardiology emergency medicine family practice failure to diagnose hospital negligence gastroenterology gynecology infections internal medicine intravenous fluid contamination informed consent medication errors nurse midwifery neurology nursing obstetrics oncology orthopedic surgery otolaryngology pediatrics radiology surgery urology  

Misdiagnosis/ Delayed Diagnosis Of Cancer

Any delay in diagnosing cancer can have devastating, if not deadly, consequences. An illness that goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed causes you to lose valuable time. Life-saving treatment options and a chance for a cure become limited. New York medical malpractice attorneys Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo serve as dedicated advocates at your side. They empower clients to become their advocates by having them take an active role in their claims. We have handled cases for failure to timely diagnose and treat, failure to properly treat, failure to test properly, and all types of negligence regarding diagnosing and treating cancer. We have handled cases for many types of cancers, some of which are included below. *Important change: After the passing of a recent New York State Statute, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases related to the negligent diagnosis or treatment of cancer is 2 ½ years from when the patient learned or should have learned, they had cancer. Protect Your Rights Following A Delayed Diagnosis Of Cancer Instead of waiting for a doctor’s telephone call, educate yourself on both your medical and legal options. Protect your health. Protect your rights with a call to our Syracuse-based law firm. We handle cases regarding all types of cancers, which include: Colon cancer — Colon cancer is curable thanks to medical advances and timely diagnosis from an oncologist. Failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing colon cancer can result in a range of medical issues from a colostomy bag to the disease advancing outside of the colon. Cervical cancer — Historically, women have relied on receiving test results from a pap smear. When a physician does not follow up with results, they presume a clean bill of health. Being your own advocate requires you to proactively seek test results to see if you have cervical cancer. From there, you need to take the legal steps necessary to file a claim within the statute of limitations. Breast cancer — Sadly, breast health clinics and medical imaging groups are more famous for their false negatives and other errors. Unreliable mammogram testing (recommended for women every two years) within certain segments of the population can have devastating and life-changing consequences. Kidney cancer - When a patient visits a doctor or health care provider complaining of symptoms associated with kidney cancer, and the doctor fails to investigate further or run tests to rule out the potentially deadly disease, major consequences can result. Prostate cancer - Since prostate cancer progresses very slowly, warning symptoms may never appear until it is too late. Physicians must use the utmost care when properly evaluating patients for any signs or symptoms that may indicate the possibility of prostate cancer. Lung cancer - A failure to diagnose lung cancer early in its progression could mean the loss of time to provide valuable, life-saving treatments.  Gastrointestinal cancer - Every year, over 26,000 people in the United States receive a gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis. One of the harmful agents responsible for this disease is asbestos.  At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, you are an important part of our legal team. Educating yourself and documenting your test results can help you make informed decisions. Those facts can also strengthen a cancer misdiagnosis claim should you be diagnosed with cancer in the future. Do Not Wait To Let An Experienced Lawyer Answer Your Questions Get your questions answered by an attorney experienced handling cancer misdiagnoses. We offer a free initial consultation at our Syracuse office. Schedule your consultation today by filling out our intake form or calling Gillette & Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000. We handle cases involving a misdiagnosis or delayed cancer diagnosis on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay legal fees if we successfully recover compensation in your case.

Birth & Obstetrical Injuries

Quick, yet informative decisions must be made during the delivery of a newborn. Qualified obstetricians and other medical staff must be attentive and ready to respond to ever-changing conditions. When a trusted physician fails to protect your health and the health of your baby, New York medical malpractice attorneys Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo pursue compensation for a child suffering serious, often permanent injuries. Injuries to the newborn or fetus can be the result of pre-eclampsia, the use of forceps or vacuums to assist in delivery, breech presentation, fetal distress or abnormalities with the umbilical cord. Securing Compensation For Cerebral Palsy Or Other Birth Injury The Neurologically Impaired Infant’s Fund (NIIF) was enacting to protect New York-based hospitals from financial damages when a fetus or newborn suffers injury during a delivery as a result of a negligent health care provider. More importantly, the fund provides lifetime medical care for newborns with cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, dystocia, or any other neurological injury. Children who can no longer meet important milestones in walking, talking, bathing and toilet training have the funds necessary for speech, physical and occupational therapy throughout their lives. The process of filing a birth injury claim, however, remains the same. The lawsuit is filed and continues until a trial or settlement can be reached. Payment through the NIIF comes when we reach an agreement. Our team has presented Continuing Legal Education courses for other attorneys across the state on the Neurologically Impaired Infant Fund, and the handling of these types of cases. Potential Injury From A Delayed C-Section A cesarean section is the delivery of a baby through an incision made through a mother’s abdomen and uterus in order to deliver an unborn child. The procedure is usually performed when a vaginal birth would put the life of either the child or the mother at risk. Delaying that surgery can have dire consequences. That doctor and his or her delivery team failed to notice signs of trouble during the labor or birth, failing to take immediate action to prevent injuries to the newborn. Waiting to perform a C-section can result in loss of oxygen and catastrophic brain damage. When a C-section isn’t performed, serious physical damage can result when a baby is pulled from the birth canal. The nerves in the neck and collarbone are stretched, ripped and torn ending in the diagnosis of Erb’s palsy. These types of shoulder injuries can impact fine motor skills and in severe cases, the ability to use the affected arm. Simple tasks such as reaching or tying shoes that many take for granted become a challenge. There are also cases for injuries to the mother during a C-section, and physical injuries to the baby including large lacerations and scars. Discuss Your Child’s Birth Injury With A Compassionate Attorney An experienced birth injury lawyer in Syracuse will speak with you personally at a free initial consultation. You can call Gillette & Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online intake form. We represent victims of birth injuries on a contingency basis, requiring no payment upfront, where you only pay us if we successfully recover on your behalf.

Misdiagnosis Of Illness

Misdiagnoses of illnesses are far too common in hospitals and emergency rooms. These life-threatening errors have become common in medical malpractice lawsuits. Any type of negligence claim involving medical professionals is complex. Pursuing it requires a skilled, experienced and compassionate attorney who not only represents you, but also empowers you. Retaining Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo to handle your claim involving a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose provides you with a dedicated advocate. The founders of our New York-based law firm are not your only advocate. Taking control and owning your legal and medical rights make you an equally effective advocate for your case and your medical care. At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, we provide personalized representation and tailored legal strategies for our clients who suffer from serious, undiagnosed illnesses that include: Cancer of the lungs, colon and breasts Heart attacks Stroke Endocrine and thyroid issues Appendicitis Kidney disease Glaucoma Misdiagnosis of an illness comes in many forms. False positives show a disease that does not exist, creating anxiety and unnecessary medical treatments. False negatives and the misinterpretation of results rob you of certain options and treatments that may no longer exist. Life expectancy shortens and certain medical treatments are no longer available or effective. For those who are in frail conditions, the stakes are extremely high. An accurate diagnosis begins the foundation of treatment. Errors only increase the chances of serious illnesses, injuries and death. Discuss Your Legal Options After Misdiagnosis Of An Illness For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Syracuse medical malpractice lawyer, fill out our intake form. You can also call Gillette & Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000. We take all medical malpractice cases on a contingency basis. You do not pay legal fees unless we recover compensation.

Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence is not always caused by carelessness, lack of training or incompetency. Injuries to patients can occur when the most skilled and experienced medical professionals fail to follow proper procedures. A New York Hospital Malpractice Attorney Representing And Empowering You Hospitals are composed of various departments staffed with a wide variety of medical professionals. Negligent acts can occur anywhere, leaving a patient injured due to the following: Emergency room malpractice — ERs are fast-paced environments where fast and informed decisions must be made. Errors or delays in treatment or triage can lead to serious and oftentimes fatal consequences. Gastric bypass surgery errors — A surgical procedure meant to improve health sometimes results in more serious medical issues and death. Gastric bypass is often a last resort and must be performed by a properly trained and skilled surgeon. Laparoscopic surgery errors — An alternative to an open surgical procedure, mistakes can occur before, during or after the surgery. The minimally invasive procedure has its share of risks when a probe essentially “goes in blind.” Errors can lead to an injury not discovered until the surgery is over, leaving patients with severe and deadly infections. da Vinci robotic surgeries — Advertised advantages to using the surgical robot include minimally invasive incisions, shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, and faster and less painful recoveries. Serious and sometimes fatal adverse events from robotic surgeries can still occur. Some may be the result of equipment malfunction or design defects, and others may be the result of inadequate training for the surgeons or operating room staff who use the robot. Injuries can include tears and perforations of organs, arteries and body tissue, burns, and even death. Postoperative negligence — Oftentimes, a breakdown in communication between nurses and doctors can lead to postoperative complications. Failure to relay important information on infections or other problems puts patients’ lives at risk. Radiology errors — Many hospital negligence claims arise from a lesser-experienced tech conducting the X-ray and sending the results to the radiologist at another location. Results can be misinterpreted and information is not relayed. Anesthesia errors — A certified nurse anesthetist simply cannot perform the same level of service as a professional anesthesiologist. Professionals who devote their entire careers to this area of medicine know how their patients respond to various anesthetic drugs and the potential side effects they may experience. Gallbladder removal surgeries - Most claims from gallbladder surgery occur when a surgeon does not know where the biliary ducts are on a patient and cuts where the surgeon should not be cutting. There are also many lawsuits for failing to contain the damage caused by a common bile duct injury. Let Us Answer Your Legal Questions About Hospital Negligence If a hospital’s negligence caused you injury, you likely have questions. To discuss your legal options with an experienced Syracuse hospital negligence attorney, schedule a free consultation at Gillette & Izzo Law Office. Either fill out our intake form or call us at 315-421-1000. Medical malpractice lawyers Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo take all cases on a contingency basis. You do not pay legal fees unless we recover compensation for your hospital negligence case.

Negligent Medical Treatment

Medical treatment that fails to work or causes injury is not always the result of incompetence. Reliance on a doctor who specializes in one area will not lead to proper diagnoses and treatment of medical problems in other areas. Skilled And Dedicated New York Medical Negligence Attorneys Assuming control of your health is an important step if you are taking medication or suffering from a serious illness. Medical malpractice lawyers Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo will empower you and educate you on your options, should serious injuries result from negligent medical treatment, including: Prescription/medication errors — Lack of experience and breakdowns in communication can lead to life-changing and life-ending errors. Prescribing the wrong medication or committing dosage errors for the right medication can result in serious side effects or death. Negligent treatment of diabetes — Diabetes is a manageable disease with the right care and support. Improper management by a physician can result in serious health problems. That negligence requires those who suffer from the disease to empower themselves and assert their medical and legal rights. Pediatric errors — Undiagnosed health problems involving children can lead to ongoing issues well into adulthood. The statute of limitations is 10 years or a child reaching majority. However, proactive legal action and medical care are vital to hold the negligent pediatrician accountable. OB-GYN malpractice — Relying on an OB-GYN as your primary care doctor ignores the myriad medical needs that women of all ages have. Unlike general practitioners, specialists are limited in their skills and can fail to diagnose illnesses and diseases outside of their specific areas of practice. Injuries from laser treatments — Laser surgery is a growing practice that is unregulated in the state of New York. Hair and tattoo removal can be done by anyone purchasing a device on the Internet and opening up a shop. Depending on how a “patient” will react to the treatment, burns and other damage to the skin can result. Negligent surgeries - The harm must be caused by a surgeon’s failure to act as a reasonably prudent surgeon would act in a similar situation. When there is a demonstrable error, the patient’s injury and loss must be significant. Get Quality Legal Advice In Upstate New York To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Syracuse attorney about the negligent medical treatment you received, call Gillette & Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000 or complete our intake form online. We take all cases of negligent medical treatment on a contingency basis, so our clients do not pay legal fees unless we recover compensation.

Defective Products

Some malpractice claims do not involve negligence by a medical professional. At Gillette & Izzo, we have represented New York residents victimized by a faulty medical product or device. A manufacturing or design defect can have devastating consequences, resulting in health setbacks to the victim or the loss of a loved one. A skilled lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the harms you have suffered. When dangerous products are discovered, manufacturers must provide adequate warnings to their consumers, as required by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When they fail to notify consumers or continue to misrepresent their products as safe, we fight to hold them accountable. We Can Skillfully Handle Your New York Medical Device Injury Claim At Gillette & Izzo, we represent our clients and their family members when defective medical devices have changed their lives. Specific products common in these complex medical claims include: Heart valves Pacemakers (Medtronic) Knee implants (Oxinium) Artificial hip replacements (DePuy, Biomet and Stryker products) Ventilators Defibrillators (St. Jude) Transvaginal mesh Dialysis devices and machines Bone grafts for spinal and neck surgery (Medtronic Infuse) IUDs (Mirena and NuvaRing) Lap-Band bariatric implant da Vinci surgical robot Medications (Zantac, Prevacid, Celebrex) When surgery is needed for implantation or use of a medical product, a second procedure is needed when that device is discovered to be faulty. The inconvenience and increased recovery time create frustration with patients. Many are out of work and unable to enjoy a once-active life. Be your own advocate and retain Gillette & Izzo, seasoned legal advocates. Be proactive in securing the education you need and protecting the rights that have been violated. Contact Us About How A Dangerous Or Defective Medical Product Harmed You We provide a free consultation with an experienced defective medical products attorney in Syracuse, New York. To schedule an appointment withGillette & Izzo Law Office, complete our intake form or call 315-421-1000. We represent all clients injured by a dangerous or defective medical product on a contingency basis. You do not owe any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you.

Nursing Home Negligence

When you selected the nursing home or assisted living facility for your loved one, you made an informed decision based on research, recommendations from friends and on-site visits. The well-being of your loved one was paramount as you placed him or her in the care of experienced professionals — professionals you thought you could trust. Now, those bonds of trust have been shattered. Protect Your Loved Ones. Assert Their Rights. Be Their Advocate. At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, we pursue justice on behalf of nursing home neglect and abuse victims. Justice often comes in the form of compensation for physical injuries, emotional damage and grief over the death of a loved one. New York nursing home abuse lawyers Josh Gillette  and Janet Izzo have experience pursuing nursing home negligence claims that include the following: Bedsores — Moving and repositioning a bedridden patient is standard to move them regularly enough to prevent bed sores, and that is based upon their specific health and needs. When staff fails to meet those standards, an elderly person could develop infections that take the form of bedsores. Depending on the severity of the pressure wound, serious illness and death can occur. Medication errors — The advent of electronic medical records represents progress in documenting a patient’s prescription needs. However, communication between nursing home staff and pharmacists is still lacking. Vital information on the dosage frequency and amount is often filled with errors or not provided at all. Falls — For an elderly nursing home resident, a broken bone is not a minor injury. In fact, many senior citizens have died within days, weeks and months. A lack of adequate staff or neglectful employees can result in a resident suffering a serious and potentially fatal injury. Wandering and elopement — Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are prone to wandering. However, nursing homes are responsible for understanding this and ensuring they are safe at all times. When a nursing home fails to do this, a patient may become injured. Malnutrition and dehydration — Malnutrition and dehydration remain two of the most common forms of elder abuse in the United States, leading to thousands of deaths every year. Contact Us To Learn About The Law Of Nursing Home Negligence In New York If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home negligence, schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options. You can call Gillette & Izzo Law Office in Syracuse at 315-421-1000 or fill out our intake form online. We handle cases involving nursing home negligence on a contingency basis, and you only pay legal fees if we secure a financial recovery in your case.

Wrongful Death

When one person injures another person or damages his or her property due to negligence, the injured party can sue the negligent party for his or her damages in a personal injury lawsuit. However, when negligence causes a person’s death, the deceased’s family will need to file a wrongful death claim to secure compensation. Every state has unique laws concerning wrongful death claims, and our attorneys want New York residents to know what to expect from the wrongful death claims process. Contact Our Wrongful Death Attorneys at Gillette & Izzo Law Office Today At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, we understand how devastating a wrongful death can be for families, and we aim to provide comprehensive legal assistance during this difficult time. Reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation or for more information about wrongful death claims in New York. Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in New York A wrongful death claim operates very similarly to a personal injury claim, with the major difference that the victim in the case cannot represent his or her own interests. A surviving loved one will need to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the decedent. Like most other states, New York places a two-year statute of limitations on wrongful death claims, beginning on the date of the death in question. We Can Answer Your Personal Injury Questions  To consult, free of charge, with a Syracuse personal injury lawyer, complete our online intake form. You can also call Gillette & Izzo Law Office at 315-421-1000.

Construction Accident

Construction accidents in this industry are common and are often severe or even deadly. Yet so many of these accidents could be prevented if everyone followed the safety measures laid out by OSHA and other safety groups. We can help you recover damages. Damages from Construction Accident Injuries Hazards are everywhere on job sites, including falls, heavy machinery, slipping, electrical hazards, chemical exposure, and more. Any of these can cause an accident that could cause severe injury or death. If you’re the victim of an accident, you will face both financial and personal costs. These are the damages of your case. The most immediate one is the cost of current and future medical care. When you work with a construction accident lawyer, they’ll use their experience to calculate the value of your damages. There are also many other damages you could be eligible to claim, including ones that don’t have a price tag, like the consequences of long-term physical disfigurement, emotional pain, pain and suffering, and others. Statute of Limitations for Filing a Construction Accident Lawsuit  There is a limit to how long we can work on your case before you lose the chance to file for compensation. In New York, the statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits is three years. For wrongful death cases, the limit is two years. If you pass this deadline, the court will likely deny you the chance of compensation. However, it is important to note that exceptions may apply to the case that permits you to file after the standard deadline has passed. Even if you believe you have missed your chance to pursue compensation, you should still consult an experienced attorney. Examples of Negligence on Construction Sites The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for inspecting sites for workplace safety. They also compile data on workplace accidents to find the most common violations. If we can trace your accident to one of these violations, there’s a good chance of negligence, such as: Lack of fall protection Lack of respiratory protection Inadequate signage, safety rails, and other hazard warnings Poor or damaged scaffolding Inadequate protection against electrocution Collision or pinning by industrial vehicles To win your construction accident case, we need to prove that someone else’s negligence was responsible for your accident. It could be your employer, but it could also be another worker or another company. We will inspect all the evidence to see who is most responsible for your injury before approaching them with a claim. Contact Us To Learn About Construction Accident Issues In New York If your loved one has been a victim of a construction site accident that caused injuries, schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options. You can call Gillette & Izzo Law Office in Syracuse at 315-421-1000 or fill out our intake form online.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York State is a No-Fault state, meaning that after a car accident, your medical bills and lost wages are paid by the No-Fault insurance company for the vehicle you were in, no matter who was at fault for the accident. New York State also has a Serious Injury Threshold. This law defines who is entitled to compensation above the payment of medical bills and lost wages through No-Fault insurance. Our team has fought tirelessly to ensure that countless clients and their families were able to reclaim their lives after New York car crashes.  What Should You Do Following a Car Accident? Move to a Safe Location: Immediately following an accident, you should move your vehicle to a safe location and turn off the engine. You must get out of high-traffic areas. Determine if there are Injuries: Check if you are injured as soon as you are safe. If you are hurt, immediately dial 911 and seek emergency medical assistance. If you are unsure, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible after a Buffalo car accident is beneficial. Dial 911: In New York State, you are legally required to notify the police if someone is seriously injured or killed in an accident. A police report will typically set forth who was at fault. It includes information about the location and the date and time of your Buffalo car accident. Gather Relevant Information: Promptly gather as much information from the scene of your car collision as possible. Notify your Insurance Company: A claim must be promptly filed with your No-Fault insurance carrier. In New York, you must submit a No-Fault application to your insurance carrier within 30 days of the car accident. Remember, what you say to your insurance company is important. It is best to first discuss the case with our office. File a Claim Against The Other Driver: There are strict and short time limits applicable to bringing a car accident injury claim in New York Contact Us To Learn About Help After a Motor Vehicle Accident In New York If your loved one has been a victim of a serious injury after a car accident, schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options. You can call Gillette & Izzo Law Office in Syracuse at 315-421-1000 or fill out our intake form online. We handle cases involving nursing home negligence on a contingency basis, and you only pay legal fees if we secure a financial recovery in your case.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and are likely due to uneven pavement, a wet floor, or weather conditions making walkways hazardous. Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common causes of hospitalizations in the United States. Over 3 million people are treated in emergency departments each year due to a slip and fall injury. Our team of experienced New York slip and fall lawyers have decades of combined experience helping victims of slip and fall accidents get the best result possible. Our attorneys know first-hand how a cracked sidewalk or uncleared pathway can lead to serious injury and large medical bills. Why Do I Need an Attorney After a Slip & Fall Accident? Slip and fall accidents can vary in severity, ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to injuries requiring lifelong treatment. If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to financial compensation. After a slip and fall accident, insurance companies will likely deny or severely undervalue your claim without fully investigating your accident. Partnering with an experienced slip and fall attorney can help you negotiate the compensation you are entitled to from an insurance company. Contact Us To Learn About Help After a Slip and Fall Injury In New York If your loved one has been a victim of a slip and fall injury, schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options. You can call Gillette & Izzo Law Office in Syracuse at 315-421-1000 or fill out our intake form online. We handle cases on a contingency basis, and you only pay legal fees if we secure a financial recovery in your case.