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Surgical mistake may have led to woman’s death

Surgical mistake may have led to woman’s death

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New York residents know that there are certain risks associated with surgical procedures. However, as a general rule, most in-office surgeries go according to plan. For one woman in another state, a surgical mistake that occurred during a routine intrauterine device (IUD) placement and has cost her the relationship with her daughter.

The administrator of a woman’s estate, who is also the woman’s mother, is currently pursuing a legal claim against a medical group. The claim also names one of the nurse practitioners in the group as a defendant. She claims that it was the defendants’ negligence and surgical mistake that resulted in her daughter’s premature and alleged wrongful death.

According to the report, the woman went to the medical group in early July in order to have an intrauterine device placed. The plaintiff believes that it should have been a simple and straightforward procedure that ended with the patient walking out of the office to enjoy her life. Unfortunately, she died. It is unknown whether the woman died during or after the procedure.

The defendants are currently being accused of a variety of negligent actions. These include failing to exclude that the patient was pregnant prior to placing the IUD. They also reportedly did not insert the IUD during the first week of the woman’s monthly menstrual cycle. In addition, the patient may have had a fungal and bacterial infection, which should have prevented the IUD from being surgically inserted.

The mother is seeking compensation for a variety of damages in the name of her daughter, as well as for herself. She asserts that she became responsible for her daughter’s medical expenses and other related costs after the unfortunate surgical mistake. In addition, she is hoping for compensation for her own pain and suffering due to her loss. For New York residents dealing with a similar loss, a medical malpractice or wrongful death claim may be a way to gain financial compensation for the losses suffered after a surgical error.

Source:, “Intrauterine device procedure blamed on patient’s death“.

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