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The bond of trust between a patient and physician is never stronger than when an anesthetic is involved in a medical procedure or surgery. Sedated patients are vulnerable, unable to respond to a medical problem caused by negligence.

Attorneys Josh Gillette and Janet Izzo provide personalized legal advocacy for New York residents victimized by hospital negligence.  They combine experience, legal knowledge and success with compassion in all dealings with their clients.

Anesthesia involves two forms. General anesthesia is a paralytic agent that stops breathing. A tube is inserted into the lungs, providing oxygen to the sedated patient. Regional anesthesia involves a nerve block in the spine that deadens localized nerve cells.

Improper Anesthesia Procedures Can Have Serious Consequences

Anesthesia errors can result from poorly trained, careless or incompetent professionals. Surgery centers often use certified nurse anesthesiologists who lack the experience and education of professional anesthesiologists. An anesthesiologist can be required to supervise two or three operating rooms at a time.

Even the most seasoned and skilled professionals often fail to follow proper procedures. The failure to document a patient’s use of prescription or over-the-counter medication can result in dangerous and deadly side effects. Far too often, anesthesia errors lead to stroke, organ failure, brain damage, permanent vegetative state or death.

Anesthesia errors can include:

  • Not explaining the procedure before, during and after anesthesia
  • Poor communication by the staff in the surgery room
  • Too much or not enough anesthesia
  • Failed or improper intubation
  • Sedation time that is longer than intended
  • Failure to recognize the patient’s reaction to medication
  • Failure to make sure oxygen is properly administered
  • Equipment errors such as alarms being turned off

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