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Bedsores In Nursing Homes

Placing an elderly or disabled loved one in a nursing home comes after family discussions and in-depth research. You presume that the well-being of your loved one comes first when you can no longer provide adequate care for him or her. Discovering a preventable injury or death is a violation of the trust placed in a long-term care facility. Issues, such as bedsores, in nursing homes have become alarmingly common.

A Syracuse Elder Neglect Lawyer Protecting Your Interests And Rights

A nursing home employee following standard operating procedure will move and reposition a bedridden patient every two hours. Failing to be vigilant and proactive can result in pressure wounds. These bedsores or decubitus ulcers can range in their severity with some resulting in serious infections that lead to illness or death.

The family member victimized by nursing home negligence can do little to protect himself or herself. That should not prevent you from asserting his or her medical and legal rights. New York nursing home neglect attorneys Joshua Gillette and  Janet Izzo encourage their clients to advocate for the vulnerable and disabled loved ones in their lives.

At Gillette & Izzo Law Office, we pursue justice in the form of compensation for physical injuries, illness and death that result from bedsores. We hold negligent nursing homes accountable for poor hiring practices that lead to untrained or overworked staff members.

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