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Syracuse Anesthesia Errors Attorney

The bond of trust between a patient and physician is never stronger than when an anesthetic is involved in a medical procedure or surgery. Sedated

Syracuse Radiology Errors Lawyer

Imaging technologies can be life-saving devices. X-rays and CT scans serve an important role in the early detection of diseases. However, equipment failure, human error,

Syracuse Postoperative Negligence Lawyer

A good surgeon and nursing staff will protect their patient at all phases of an operation. This includes fully preparing the patient for surgery, monitoring

Upstate New York Emergency Room Malpractice Attorney

Emergency rooms are fast-paced environments where seriously injured or ill patients require immediate help. The hectic environment requires physicians, nurses, surgeons, paramedics and other medical

Syracuse OB-GYN Malpractice Lawyer

Regardless of your medical issue, you place trust in your OB-GYN to provide quality care for your injuries, illnesses and certain milestones that come with

Syracuse Pediatric Errors Attorney

Young children cannot always tell you what is wrong with them. They have trouble expressing potential medical problems. Of the many skills and qualifications pediatricians